Ms.Deborah Ong

Dr. Terry Dixon
Director of M/s. SDM Engineers & Consultants (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Dixon is a Director of M/s. SDM Engineers & Consultants (India) Pvt. Ltd. and is the designer of the Dixon-Methods Bagasse Dryer. SDM has installed the largest Bagasse Dryer in the world at M/s. TSBSFL Sugar Factory in Biswan, India.
Dr. Dixon has been engaged in the Sugar Industry with the Sugar Research Institute, Australia for over 20 years and with the Coal Fired Power Industry for over 10 years. He has expertise in both bagasse-fired and coal-fired boiler design and has specialised in biomass drying (specifically bagasse), combustion dynamics, Fuel Handling, Coal Ash Slagging and fouling and coal pulverisation. He developed the swirl spreader for bagasse suspension firing and the swirl burner combustion system for bagasse.
Dr. Dixon has held senior management positions in the Sugar and Power Industries, managing technical operations, investigations and research, asset management as well as project management of industrial-scale new technology installations.