Mr.Roman Rudkowskyj
Chief Commercial Officer of Tomsa Destil

Professional Profile:
Roman Rudkowskyj, engineer from Oxford University in England, began his professional career back in 1979 in the oil and gas industry, moving on to the alcohol and biofuels industry in 1990 until now.
Mr. Rudkowskyj joined Tomsa Destil in 1990 as part of the technical department, later assuming the position of Engineering Manager of the company in 1997. As part of its management, Mr. Rudkowskyj developed multiple projects for the alcohol industry and its byproducts, designing plants with capacities up to 575,000 liters of alcohol per day for large producers such as: Abengoa (France), Destilmex (Mexico), Deulep (France), Garma Grup (Moldova), Krupp (India), among others.
From 2009 till today, Mr. Rudkowskyj holds the Chief Commercial Officer position of Tomsa Destil, leading the opening and development of new markets around the world for the supply of alcohol technology and complete EPC projects.