"I just wanted to say thank you for having me participate at the Conference. The event brought together key players in the global sugar trade and technologies, and provided a good opportunity for participants to exchange ideas and networks.
…I greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate…"

Rangsit Hiangrat
Thai Sugar Millers Corporation Limited
"As a speaker for this conference, this has benefited all attendees to know better about the sugar
and ethanol industry in the region. The conference was very beneficial to many in the industry.
I urge you to keep on and looking forward to possible collaboration with you in the future."

Mr.Issara Twiltermsup,
Executive Director
Khonburi Sugar Public Company Limited (KBS)
Sugar Conference you have organized at Bangkok has served as an international level platform and I have the opportunities of giving information for my home country sugar industry. This may help understand the status of our industry to the global investors. From this workshop, I have chance of meeting sugar industrialists and academic personals for exchange of views and latest events of the regional sugar industries.
When I returned back home, the proceedings of the sugar conference and publication materials are distributed to my fellow sugar stakeholders who could not have attended the conference.
I therefore acknowledge that this sugar conference you have organized yearly has played a significant role in regional sugar industrial development and sugar trade promotion.  

Mr.San Thein
Agro-Industrial Specialist
Vice –Chairman, Myanmar Sugar and Sugarcane Related Manufacturers and Traders Association (MSMA)