Mr.Nutthapol Asadathorn
Dr.Nutthapol  Asadathorn
Managing Director of Baanrai Sugar Industry Co.,Ltd (BSI)

Education: Ph.D. (Industrial Engineering), New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, N.J.
Current position: Managing Director
Company: Baanrai Sugar Industry Co.,ltd.

Dr.Nutthapol Asadathorn has been appointed as Managing Director of Baanrai Sugar Industry Co., Ltd.
Since 1997.

Main: Production of sugar and sale of sugar both local and international.
  • Before this in 1988-1989, Dr.Nutthpaol was consultant trainee at Bangkok Bank and Engineering.
  • In 1990-1991 at Saraburi Sugar Co., Ltd.
  • And in 1991 – 1992 Professor at Industrial Engineering Chulalongkorn University.