Prof. Dr. Ir. Agus Pakpahan,
Director of Indonesian Sugar Association (AGI)
Prof. Dr. Agus Pakpahan has a long career in government and community development. In 1992 to 1997 he served as a planner at National Development Planning Agency/Ministry of National Development Planning. In 1998-2003 the Government of Indonesia appointed him as Director General of Estate Crops, Ministry of Agriculture. Furthermore, he was appointed as a Deputy Minister of Agro-industry, Forestry, Paper, Printing and Publication of Minister of State Owned Enterprise in 2005-2010 and as a Chairman for Biosafety Commission for Genetically Modified Products since 2010-present. He has been chairing the Union of Associations of Estate Crops Farmers Associations since 2003-present. He earned his research professorship at a Center for Socioeconomic and Agricultural Policy, the Agency for Agricultural Research and Development, Ministry of Agriculture and his Ph.D degree in natural resource economics from Department of Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University in 1988.”