Mr.Tony Segadelli,
Managing Director of the OWL Group
Mr.Tony Segadelli, Managing Director of the OWL Group Topic: Firing Straws and Grasses "Tony Segadelli is the Managing Director of the OWL Group, which has offices in Thailand, Philippines and Myanmar. OWL is a leading high end power engineering consultancy that works for developers, investors and lenders on all fossil and renewable energy technologies. Tony has worked on a wide range of biomass power plants including being Project Manager for the construction of 19 MW sugarcane trash power project, Project Manager for development of 30 MW bagasse / sugar cane trash cogeneration project and Project Director for various Napier Grass projects in both the plantation and power generation aspecs. In addition he has worked on biomass projects throughout the project cycle in multiple countries in SE Asia and Australia. He has both a strong technical and techno-commercial knowledge."