Thailand Sugar Conference speakers features of senior experts from Sugar and Bioethanol industry.
Take a look at some of our previous speakers.


Mr.Atul Joshi,
Regional Manager –Praj Industries Ltd.
Topic : Biothanol in Thailand, A Road to Growth in Bioenergy Globally

Mr.Kiattisak Jelatianranat,
Executive Director of Sutech Engineering Co., Ltd.
Topic : The Competitiveness Of Thai Sugar In Asian Markets.

Technology Professional Development Sessions


Mr.Stanely Dorasamy,
Senior Global Vertical Manager of Siemens Limited
Topic : Industry 4.0 How The Forth Industrial Revolution Can Contribute To The Sugar Industry?

Mr.Beck Bai,
Lubricant and Thermal Fluid TS&D
DOW Chemical (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
Topic : Dow Polyalkylene Glycol Lubricant for Sugar Mill